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Monster Monday
Okay so here we go again...

Where to start. This morning was interesting. I actually felt ready for school. So as I did what I needed to do, I headed to school for the day. While there I got to talk to some of my classmates so it was good in a way. I felt more relaxed while going into Mythology. It was fun to learn from my teacher. She reminds me of someone I know, but I'm not sure. Maybe my aunt? Either way, we were assigned projects. It seems that my partner is nice, but I hope he doesn't give me all the work. The presentation isn't due until 2 weeks, but I know I'll want to study for my Bio Science class way more than do a project. Which reminds me about me Speech class. I have to do speech on chocolate! Remember? Well I wanted to go today, but it looks like we'll be going Wednesday instead. Which I think is good, because then I can bring a visual aid with me. Like a snickers bar or something. Heh. So yes, after school my brother started talking to his friends about which creature is better. A vampire or a werewolf. It was interesting to hear them go back and forth, and I kind of wanted to ask some questions, but I said I better not or else it would take me longer to get home. I was hungry. So yes, suddenly we got on the subject of horror movies, and how they're no good now-a-days. Which I believe to be true. They're just there to give you a quick scare. I personally think the psychological ones are more scary. Something like The Ring or Sixth Sense. That's when we got onto the topic of the Dark Knight and the way the Joker messes with peoples minds. You remember the boat scene right? With the bombs and everything about the convicts on one boat the the civilians on the other? Either way, while talking about that... some how we got on the topic on drowning. I think my brothers friend said something about swimming over to the other boat or something. But basically I said that you can't physically drown yourself. Then he pointed out the old fashion way of putting blocks on your feet. Well my brother brought up a point I taught him a while back. You remember when you were a little kid? Well, when you wanted something or didn't get your way you would tell your parents. "I'll hold my breath!" Well in reality parents shouldn't worry about it. Because the kid if he's serious will knock out before he dies. You brain isn't getting any oxygen so your fall unconscious before anything else. While your unconscious, just like in your sleep. You're lungs work on their own. So your body will make you breath after you are knocked out, so it's pointless. I say, go ahead and let them until they turn blue in the face. It won't matter. Anyway... getting off course here. Basically my brother was done, we left. I was really hungry so we hurried home. While eating food we watched Chicken Little on Disney Channel. It was funny and cool. My dad liked the song references they added. So, one we were done I knew I had to do homework, but I really wasn't up to it. But once I got started, everything started to click. I was feeling good and realized I could read for my Bio Science class tomorrow. So I did. I think I'll feel a lot better while sitting in class tomorrow since I'll know a little but already. I even went the next step and read half of Chapter 3. Our first test is on Chapters 1 and 2, but I just want to get ahead so I can go back and study this weekend. I really want to do good on these tests. They're my grade! I hope I do well, so wish me luck! Anyway, once I was done I felt a lot better. I even had free time to get online. And this is why I'm writing now. Anyway, I feel some what anxious at the moment, and I'm not sure why. I guess I'm just pushing myself a little or getting stressed over stupid things. My face feels warm, and I'm sort of freaking out about school. But I'm glad I'm starting to get into the groove of things again. Off the subject a little about my day I'm also thinking about writing some more ideas for short stories. I've been really lazy about continuing old ones, but new ones keep popping up in my head. I hope I get to show you some later though. I really want to start a series on here sometime. Maybe even participate in the contest my friends showed me. But right now I'm just going to relax and try to focus on the now. I hope to continue writing like this regularly, but you never know. Things happen. Well, see you guys later!


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