Monster Monday
Okay so here we go again...

Where to start. This morning was interesting. I actually felt ready for school. So as I did what I needed to do, I headed to school for the day. While there I got to talk to some of my classmates so it was good in a way. I felt more relaxed while going into Mythology. It was fun to learn from my teacher. She reminds me of someone I know, but I'm not sure. Maybe my aunt? Either way, we were assigned projects. It seems that my partner is nice, but I hope he doesn't give me all the work. The presentation isn't due until 2 weeks, but I know I'll want to study for my Bio Science class way more than do a project. Which reminds me about me Speech class. I have to do speech on chocolate! Remember? Well I wanted to go today, but it looks like we'll be going Wednesday instead. Which I think is good, because then I can bring a visual aid with me. Like a snickers bar or something. Heh. So yes, after school my brother started talking to his friends about which creature is better. A vampire or a werewolf. It was interesting to hear them go back and forth, and I kind of wanted to ask some questions, but I said I better not or else it would take me longer to get home. I was hungry. So yes, suddenly we got on the subject of horror movies, and how they're no good now-a-days. Which I believe to be true. They're just there to give you a quick scare. I personally think the psychological ones are more scary. Something like The Ring or Sixth Sense. That's when we got onto the topic of the Dark Knight and the way the Joker messes with peoples minds. You remember the boat scene right? With the bombs and everything about the convicts on one boat the the civilians on the other? Either way, while talking about that... some how we got on the topic on drowning. I think my brothers friend said something about swimming over to the other boat or something. But basically I said that you can't physically drown yourself. Then he pointed out the old fashion way of putting blocks on your feet. Well my brother brought up a point I taught him a while back. You remember when you were a little kid? Well, when you wanted something or didn't get your way you would tell your parents. "I'll hold my breath!" Well in reality parents shouldn't worry about it. Because the kid if he's serious will knock out before he dies. You brain isn't getting any oxygen so your fall unconscious before anything else. While your unconscious, just like in your sleep. You're lungs work on their own. So your body will make you breath after you are knocked out, so it's pointless. I say, go ahead and let them until they turn blue in the face. It won't matter. Anyway... getting off course here. Basically my brother was done, we left. I was really hungry so we hurried home. While eating food we watched Chicken Little on Disney Channel. It was funny and cool. My dad liked the song references they added. So, one we were done I knew I had to do homework, but I really wasn't up to it. But once I got started, everything started to click. I was feeling good and realized I could read for my Bio Science class tomorrow. So I did. I think I'll feel a lot better while sitting in class tomorrow since I'll know a little but already. I even went the next step and read half of Chapter 3. Our first test is on Chapters 1 and 2, but I just want to get ahead so I can go back and study this weekend. I really want to do good on these tests. They're my grade! I hope I do well, so wish me luck! Anyway, once I was done I felt a lot better. I even had free time to get online. And this is why I'm writing now. Anyway, I feel some what anxious at the moment, and I'm not sure why. I guess I'm just pushing myself a little or getting stressed over stupid things. My face feels warm, and I'm sort of freaking out about school. But I'm glad I'm starting to get into the groove of things again. Off the subject a little about my day I'm also thinking about writing some more ideas for short stories. I've been really lazy about continuing old ones, but new ones keep popping up in my head. I hope I get to show you some later though. I really want to start a series on here sometime. Maybe even participate in the contest my friends showed me. But right now I'm just going to relax and try to focus on the now. I hope to continue writing like this regularly, but you never know. Things happen. Well, see you guys later!

Writer's Block: Do you see psychics in your future?
If an online psychic warned you not to leave home, would you cancel plans to attend a party? Would you refuse to date someone with a clashing astrological sign? In short, do you believe?
No, because I don't believe in that stuff. But honestly I do believe the astrological stuff. I can't get up the next day without reading my horoscope. It tells me what I will experience, but I don't let that hinder my day. I just use it as a tool to help me through it.

Week... end?
Hey everyone,

I'm going to talk about the randomness that is my life. You don't have to read it's mostly boring anyway.

So let's start off with Thursday. Thursday I got home from school and I was completely exhausted. It was strange. It was like the energy had been sucked right out of me. So all I did that day was talk to my friends and watching youtube videos. My brother was besides me the whole time and I couldn't believe he wasn't asleep yet. Usually he does. Either way, he was playing .hack//G.U. which it an awesome game by the way. I love it. Heheh, my favorite characters are Matsu, Endrance, and Haseo. Anyways.. getting off track.

Friday, I started working on my homework. I read for Mythology and got my speech together for Speech. I'm going to be talking about the advantages to eating chocolate. A few facts surprised me. Like... did you know that in 600 AD chocolate was believed to be a gift from the gods? Also, Dr Lee of Harvard University discovered that eating chocolate will help you live a year longer than those who don't. Heh, now I have an excuse. So...

Saturday was pretty lame, my body felt like it wanted to do something, but I had no idea what I wanted it to do. So I sat in my room chatting, role playing, and listening to music. I even drew avatar art for someone on gaia. I was being lazy and felt pretty down, but my mom made pizza and it changed my day around. I was so happy. She made my favorite and I enjoyed every bite of it. We were even joking about if we owned our own resturant. We would make pancakes and muffins for breakfast, pizza for lunch and dinner, and truffles and rice crispies for dessert. Yup... good times.

Sunday which is today, is like wow! So, I went to church in the morning with my mother. I felt good inside. Usually because it's just me and my  mom and we're spending some time together. The church answered all the questions I had on friday about the Swine Flu going around. It was sort of entertaining, because a lady had an uproar in the middle of mass. Heh, well anyway... my mom was reading my Fruits Basket manga and she got really into it. She read two books in a day. It was fun to talk to her about it. During lunch my whole family ate together for a change and we started talking about the good old days. My mom brought up some really old kid songs that Raffi used to sing in our VHS tapes. We were laughing, singing, and enjoying the memories with one another. It was really fun actually. So by the end of the day I was getting ready for school and started practicing for my chocolate speech for speech class. I made notes and practiced using a timer because we only have 3 minutes tops. I used 1:15 minutes and then I pass it on to my partner so I think I did a fairly good job. I kind of stumbled a little and I'm sure I will in front of actual people, but I'll be sure to try my best.

Wish me luck! And that's about it. If I spelled some words wrong or I have grammar issues it's because I'm tired and I decided to write this on the spot. At mass I learned to try and keep a journal of your feelings about the world. So I decided I will be random and sparatic about my Live Journal a little more. I hope you like the randomness of it all. Talk you guys later! <3

Noah Short
By: Lucia Delgado

“I had another vision.” Noah confessed.

“It was about a pitch black room with only the moon as a light. Coming into view of its shadow was a dark red liquid of some sort. As I walked closer toward the corner of the room, I started to make out a figure. Their body lay limp on the wooden floor. Suddenly lightening flashed outside the window and it all became clear. It was my best friend. I raised my hands to cover my mouth, but found blood dripping down my arms. Somehow I knew it was me. I knew I had done it. In my vision I went insane. I started to claw at my arms and scar my face. I tried everything I could do to kill myself. But the only things that accompanied me were my best friends dead body and the light of the moon burning through the glass.” he spoke.

“You’re fucking crazy. Are you sure you don’t need help?” a voice responded.

“Nah… it’s probably because I was playing Halo last night.” Noah chuckled.

“How the hell do you figure that?” the voice asked.

“Trust me…” Noah closed his eyes.

Noah was relaxing on his bed after coming home from school. He usually invited his friend over to chat while they did homework together. They had Chemistry class together and their teacher worked them like slaves. Noah and his friend were lab partners so Noah had an excuse to tell his step-dad why he was always bringing his friend over. Noah’s friend was doing homework on the floor when Noah turned his head to look.

“No, you need to move that over here.” Noah pointed over his friends shoulder.

“Shit… I’m never going to understand this…” his friend complained.

Noah found himself being draw to his friend's collar bone. Wrapping his arms around his friend’s waste, he leant in licking their shoulder, trailing kisses up their neck, and biting their ear.

“Cut the crap, Noah. I’m not into vampires.” his friend spoke in a hushed tone.

“But you’re so… delectable.” Noah used his best Transylvanian accent.

“You’re such a pain in the ass.” they responded.

“Hmm… you can spend the night. I can always tell my step-dad we’re working on a… Chemistry project.” Noah smirked.

Noah’s hands expertly made their way up his friend’s shirt and began teasing them with delicate fingers. Of course, how could his friend say no? That night they worked on a different kind of chemistry.

Noah was now indulging him self in the sweet smell of cinnamon sugar from his friend’s hair. Rubbing his thumb along his friend’s shoulder, they drew different patterns along his chest.

“Noah? You never told me who the “best friend” in your vision was.” they mentioned.

Noah chuckled lightly snuggling up close to his friend’s face. He planted a tender kiss on their forehead and moved to place his lips against their ear.

“It was you. You do realize how crazy you drive me right?” Noah nibbled on his friend’s ear.

“Bastard.” his friend cursed nudging him lightly.

“I told you I was dangerous.” Noah laughed.

Mafia Short
This post has nothing to do with my feelings at the moment. I just felt like giving you a teaser of what is to come with these characters.

“At this rate the clan will die out.” a raspy voice howled. “Remain calm gentlemen. This small mishap will simply pass.” a calmer voice spoke up. “How can you be so sure?” a deeper voice bellowed. “I’ve heard there is another boy who is ready to take his place.” an older voice struggled. “You are correct.” an all too familiar voice spoke as he entered the room. “Godfather.” they all rose and bowed. “Take your seats gentleman. We have more important matters to attend to.” Ryoichi waved off their worries nonchalantly.


Ryoichi was in charge of the entire clan. His wife passed away giving birth to Yoichi. Ryo raised his son to become the successor and to one day marry into another clan in order to increase their numbers. Unfortunately, the clan discovered Ryo had no interest in women and he made his feeling public. Without a way to continue the bloodline, they turned to one of the lower ranks seeking a suitable successor. Ryo found a boy named Junichi. His accounting skills would be perfect for managing the clan’s business.


Several months passed and the future of the clan looked promising. One day, Yo decided to pay Jun a visit. “Good afternoon.” Jun created the son of the Godfather as he bowed respectfully. “Ah.” Yo responded looking off into the garden. “Can I get you anything?” Jun asked. “A bottle of sake.” Yo spoke. “But young lord…” Jun raised his gaze. “Don’t question me, boy.” Yo pierced he gaze upon him. “Yes, please excuse me.” Jun bowed before leaving.


Yo found him self taking a seat at Jun’s very desk. Starring at the paper work, he rested his chin on the back of his hand. “What a life.” he narrowed his eyes. Suddenly Jun appeared with a tray that sported a bottle of sake and a cup. “Young lord…” Jun placed the tray on his desk. Yo wasted no time in taking the bottle and filling his cup to the brim with sake. As he drank he leaned back turning his attention to the window outside. The garden looked even more beautiful than the last time he visited.


After a few minutes of silence, Yo reached out his cup to Jun. “More.” he pleaded. Jun narrowed his eyes half lidded as he reached for the bottle. Just as he was about to pour the young lord his sake, Yo suddenly gripped Jun by the wrist. The bottle of sake slipped from his hands as it crashed to the floor before him. Yo pulled Jun in with a mischievous smirk written across his face. “Did you miss me?” Yo asked with sake on his breath.


Jun began to resist the young lord as he managed to maneuver his feet around the broken bottle at his feet. “Well?” Yo tugged at his wrist making Jun fall over his chest. Jun knew even the slightly bit of sake would cause Yo to lose his judgment. “Young lord, you’re drunk.” Jun tried to adjust himself. “That doesn’t answer my question.” Yo whispered in his ear. Running his tongue behind Jun’s ear, Yo chuckled softly. He sucked tenderly at his earlobe wrapping his arm around the younger boy’s small frame. His other hand began lacing his fingers with Jun’s.


“Young lord, please… you’re drunk.” Jun closed his eyes indifferently. He knew Yo was only acting like this in order to quell his own anxieties. Last time Yo paid Jun a visit was to congratulate him on his future as the successor to this clan. They celebrated with a bottle of sake and one thing led to another. Yo had claimed Jun’s lips as his own.


Without questioning the young lord’s motives, Jun merely agreed in order to satisfy him. He didn’t realize what he had gotten himself into. Yo was drunk at the time and Jun did not expect him to remember such an event. But now, Jun’s fears had surfaced. Yo was merely taking out his frustrations on him, and Jun could only advise him otherwise. After all, nobody refused a request from the young lord.

How I Tick

This is a random rant. I don’t expect you to understand.


Where am I? How long has it been since the last time I’ve tried to climb? You’re so far away now, it’s like I can’t reach that light. What happened to that burning strength that calmed my fears? That soft voice that now lingers in the wind haunts me. I’m stuck here without a purpose. Frozen and trapped here among the very items that use to bring me joy. I hate this place. I no longer have a voice to speak with. My hands useless and my legs paralyzed. I can not see the path that has been laid before me. The mist has fogged my very judgment. Can you hear me? I’m screaming and calling out to be saved and yet my plea goes unanswered. I know that I’m the only one responsible for my actions. I need to wise up and become a lot stronger now. My heart aches with the warmth that has been stolen from me. The fake love I seek only returns to cut off my circulation. My mind goes blank as I stand here waiting. I wish to move, yet I can’t seem to find the exit. Where are you? My hope, my light? When will it end? How long must these feelings swallow me up before I am able to move on? Those voices taunt me; they call me back to that dark and cold place. I wish I could just fly away. Leave this place. And yet my wings have been clipped. The wind tortures me with its constant howling. “Change, grow, live!” it shouts. But behind these iron bars I can not do so. Behind this fake sense of security, I crumble at my feet. That smile, that laugh; that very voice which seems to lift others up only seems to bring me down. Will I ever be free of these chains? My name fades away on the lips of those that I once knew. My ears begin to ring in pain. My gut feels as though it will tear itself open if I dare take in another breath. Holding on for dear life, I beg for my life. I cry, shout, scream, and kick. Yet I know I am not ready. My energy has been wasted, I need to recover. My heart has been broken; I need to pick up the pieces. My trust renewed along side my faith. So where do I go from here?



Hello everyone!

I know I haven't posted a journal up in a long time, but I really need your help. Actually, my brother needs the help but I'm supporting him in anyway possible. Please follow the links below and vote for him. I would truly appreciate it if you could also pass this message on to your friends so that they may vote as well.

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Writer's Block: Gamer's Choice
What is your favorite old-school video game?
Dig-a-dug, Pokemon Red, Battle Ship, and Jurassic Park.

Writer's Block: What is your name?
If you were to have another name, what would it be?
Lucrecia or Eva. Something Italian, Egyptian, Jewish, Korean, Chinese, or Japanese. LOL. Don't ask.


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