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Writer's Block: The name game
My username is a mix of two important functions and an old role play story I started with my best friend. My favorite sense is sight. And if I took that away I would be blind. I believe communication is imporant so I thought if that disappeared I would be mute. When I thought about putting those together I got blindmute, but that didn't seem right so I added a the. Lol, as far as the story goes, I wrote a story with my best friend about two twin sisters. It was based off of a dream I had planned and a story about celestial goddesses. The sisters could not communicate because one was blind and the other could no speak. Hence the name theblindmute. However, if I had the chance of changing it to something else I guess it would either be CharredWings or BottledMemories.

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(Deleted comment)
Lol, thanks sis.
Hehe, I still have the book. I could probably type up what we wrote if you wanted. :3

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